Extreme Fitness

About Us


Extreme Fitness is proud to say its been in business for over 18 years in Florence, SC. Extreme was founded in 2000 by Jason Weatherford. At our facility, we offer a workout option for everyone and encourage all members to reach their goals. 

When you join Extreme, you become a part of our family. We believe everyone should enjoy where they workout  and be in an environment that promotes a Christian environment, founding of friendships, and family values. 

Don't let the fear of going to a corporate gym scare you from leading a life of fitness, embrace our values and become part of our family. 



Meet Jason 

Jason Weatherford is a local from Florence, SC, and he is like anyone else that has had to work hard for everything in life. He founded Extreme Fitness in 2000, after struggling for many years to find a place to workout that didn't involve corporate gyms or fitness centers with lackluster equipment.  Jason takes a very active role at the gym, by providing personal training services to those looking to get in shape or improve on their fitness level.

Not only is Jason Weatherford an active owner and manager of Extreme, he is a father of two children and actively engages his son Carter into the business. Carter works in the gym after school and on weekends learning the business and helping others learn the art of fitness. By engaging his son into the gym, Jason is teaching and setting an example of working hard and living by strong values that include both family and health. 


Don't take it from us, check out what others are saying about extreme:

My Company encouraged me to put a wellness/fitness program in place for my staff. I met with Jason at Extreme to discuss the options of a corporate membership. Having a corporate membership account has been extremely beneficial to my business. Staff members are healthier and happier than ever!
— andy jeffords/jeffords allstate agency
I’ve been a member at large gyms and corporate gyms, but none of them have the heart like Extreme. It’s like a tight knit family and I now enjoy working out more than ever before.
— Crystal Marrero